Spending a lot of money registering for membership in a high-end gym isn’t the only way to be physically fit; there are many workout techniques you can carry out without leaving your home. You only need time, some small space and a basic exercise plan. But is it really possible to get a good workout within your home? Yes! Even in some of the most popular gyms, members are still encouraged to work out at home so as to adopt fitness as a lifestyle.


How to get fit at home

 Identify the best time to workout

Create a routine that you can easily maintain to avoid skipping and reversing the gains of your previous physical exercise. Incorporate your exercise plan as a habit by working out before taking a shower or even after brushing. If you have some free time in the evenings schedule your regime around that time. Rotate the type of exercise you do periodically; for instance, you can do resistance exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and other the remaining days to do cardio.

Sneak In Exercises 

As you carry out your daily activities like cleaning make an effort to work out. Incorporate calorie burning exercises like mopping, raking leaves and scrubbing the floor. Also, play some cheery music and do some push-ups, squats and jumping jacks whenever one song ends and a new one start. Consider walking around your home with dumbbells, tubing or weight bars and you will be able to work out body muscles and get fit at home.


Use Props

If there is no proper workout gear in your home, furniture can form useful substitutes. Start with normal press ups and as soon as your body gets used to them, up your game by placing your feet atop any furniture like a chair. Also, if you find it extremely hard to do the normal unweight squats, try crouching onto a chair. The furniture shortens your range of motion thus helping you maintain the right technique throughout. If you want to get fit at home you can try affordable cross trainers which will keep you in shape.

Use Your Body Actively

Some workout techniques like triceps dips provide a great way to exercise without incurring a cost buying the costly equipment. Use these to your advantage and get fit without leaving your home. You can also become inventive around your home. Use any raised level at home for step ups and decline pushups for more positive outcomes. Cans and water bottles can also serve as small hand weights. For cardio, jump ropes come in handy. By just using the jump rope properly for half an hour, you will attain the same calorie burn as you would on a treadmill.



Suspension training systems, which use straps as well as body weights, provide a reliable way to intensify your home workouts without spending a fortune buying costly fitness equipment. There are very many models of suspension systems. Some are even tiny enough for you to carry when traveling.


Your absence from the local gym membership should not prevent you from working out. Simply create space and time and incorporate the above at home exercises. Additionally, eat a balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruits, and whole grains and avoid fresh foods as you minimize your intake of sugary and high-fat foods. The workouts enable you to physical fitness objectives at a fraction of the cost.