Whether you are looking to make a zipline for your own use or for the visitors to provide them some fun and entertainment, this article is going to help you a lot because here we are going to provide you complete guide about how you can make a zipline by using the important accessories that can be helpful in making a zipline for fun times. 

If you believe that only experts can make the zipline properly, then you are totally wrong because making a zipline is quite easier if you have all the important accessories available. Make sure that you carry a partner with you when you are about to start the process because you are going to need a helping hand throughout the process.

In this article, we will talk about the accessories that you may need to make a zipline and we will also explain the whole process that you may have to follow. Once you have learned the way of making the zipline you’d be able to compare your Zipline with LiveYourAloha. Here are the important steps that you need to follow if you want to make a zipline.

Find two solid objects

The first thing you need to do is to find two solid objects on both ends so that you can use them for the support. Most of the times, the objects are trees but some people also use some other objects as the support. So, if you can’t find the trees, you can simply choose any other solid object that is capable of holding the weight.

Measure the distance

Now, it’s time to measure the distance between these two objects so that you can find the cable according to the distance.

Lay the cable

Once you have purchased the cable, you need to lay the cable between these two objects. In order the allow the suitable slack, you need to buy very large cable. Make sure that you do not stretch the cable because it would make the situation really dangerous for you and you may end up your journey in the hospital lying on a bed with lots of injuries and fractures, which is not how you want your outdoor adventures going.

Attach the cable

First of all, attach the cable to the first point by wrapping it around the tree several times. Now, use the high-quality clamps to strongly tie the cable. Now, do the same on the other end but before attaching the cable to the tree, you need to raise it off the ground and then tighten it up.

Testing time

When it comes to take the first ride, you must make sure that you wear knee and elbow pads so that you may stay safe in case of an accident. However, if the ride goes well, then you are all set to go. Enjoy the ride.