With the arrival of the Yepp Junior in the North American market, Yepp is the only line of child bicycle seats that offers a solid child bicycle seat solution for each age group.

Yepp, already known for being the only brand to offer a range of adapters that make the seats suitable for 95% of all bikes, delivers again with the solid Yepp Junior solution. The introduction was long waited for by many avid cyclists familiar with the Yepp brand and wishing for an option to take older kids on a bike.

The Yepp junior has been on the Dutch market already for several years. However GMG, the Dutch manufacturer of the Yepp brand, was reluctant to bring the Yepp Junior’s to the US market, due to the lack of sturdy rear racks available in the US market suitable to carry the additional load of a 5 to 9 year old. Therefore the Yepp Junior is packaged in combination with a heavy-duty rear rack and can only be bought as such.

The Yepp Junior set-pack includes, a sturdy rear rack with an Easyfit-window and has a maximum capacity of 75lbs. A fender is attached on both sides of the rear rack and serves as feet protector, preventing the kids feet from being caught up in the spokes. In addition foldable footrests are present to make it easy for kids to get on and of the bike and rest their feet while riding along. The Yepp junior seat can be locked to the rear rack to prevent against theft. There is one seatbelt at waist height and reflectors on the rear of the seat for extra visibility, all to enhance the safety of the child. The Yepp Junior is available in the color black and is suitable for kids ages 5 and up with a maximum weight of 75 lbs. MSRP $229.99

It’s the ease of use, the comfort and the great design that parents rave about when being exposed to one of the Yepp child bicycle seats. Online reviews reflect this sentiment fully. With Yepp being one of the safest child bicycle seats out there, you can imagine why Yepp is the child bicycle seat that is becoming so popular world-wide.

New colors are arriving for spring! We will be phasing out the pink, brown and lime and replace these with ocean, yellow and purple. Together with the existing colors orange, black, silver, white and blue we will again offer 8 colors in the Yepp line.

At the end of last year Yepp had already introduced a rear rack with the Easyfit window. This sturdy rear rack is specifically designed for the Yepp Maxi Easyfit rear child bicycle seats and fits bikes with 26” or 28” wheels, it’s capacity is 75 lbs. The weight capacity of the Yepp Mazi Easyfit is 48 lbs. The rear racks are available in the colors black or silver, MSRP $89.99. The Easyfit window is the rectangular space needed to slight in and tighten the Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat. Slowly more and more American bicycle manufacturers like for example Xtracycle are seeing the benefit and need to equip their bikes with sturdy rear racks and facilitate the Easyfit window functionality. So it becomes easier for families to get out and about on their bikes with their kids. Most Dutch bike brands have the integrated rear racks installed on all their models, hence the name Easyfit.

All Yepp products are available from our webstore or through our North American dealer network. The seatfinder on our website might be helpful in finding the right seat for your child and your bike.

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