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Best navigation gear for dedicated cyclers looking for a leg up

The days are gone when people used to find the navigation of different places with the help of a compass. It was very difficult for most of the people. Finding the direction was very difficult for most of the people in the past because it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea to understand the methodology of a compass. Sometimes, a minor problem in the compass made it difficult for the experts to reach the proper destination.

However, the things have changed a lot now because technology has brought amazing changes to this world. Now, you can easily find the direction to different places with the help of the latest tools that are introduced to the world. These tools are so much easy to use that even a kid can reach the exact direction with the help of these tools.

Some of these tools are available in the form of a smartphone app and some are available in the form of a watch or something else. These tools are very helpful for the cyclers that go to different places of the world to explore something new.

The cyclers usually travel to some unknown places and they are bound to hire a guide to visit all the important places but now they can use the navigation tools to reach wherever they want. Let’s take a look at some tools that you can use to find directions to different places.

Google Maps

The Google Maps is an amazing app that helps you find the directions to a location. It doesn’t only provide you the directions but it also informs you that how much time it is going to take to reach there. It uses your mobile’s GPS to provide you information about your current location. You can now travel to any part of the world without any guide because Google Maps is always there to help you reach your destination.

You can install the app on your mobile and see the results instantly. There are some parts of the world where Google Maps provide you the option of street view. With the help of this feature, you can now explore a place while sitting in your bedroom.

GPS watches

Some experts have introduced some GPS watches that can help you find the direction to a destination. These tactical watches with GPS help you stay informed about your current location. There are some parts of the world where the internet doesn’t work and it gets difficult for you to analyze your location. GPS watches can help you with this problem.

Most of the watches are very cost-effective and you can easily find them on an online store or you can buy them from your local store.

Why longboarding is a great recreational sport whether you’re young or old

So, what exactly is longboarding?  A kind of skateboard, the longboard can be used by people of all age groups for a variety of purposes. Some of them also use it for its health benefits. Many skaters use longboards for racing, cruising, stunts and transportation. In some cases it is considered as an addictive sport but some consider it a motivating and engaging sport when they use it for the sake of fun. It can also be used as main element for the long run success of any type of fitness program. Actually people usually stick to it because they enjoy longboarding for the sake of recreation.

Along with using longboarding as a recreational sport people of all age groups use it as one of the best ways to go around wherever they go whether to the beach or the nearby market etc. Many young or old people also use long boards to workout every morning.

Moreover people from all age groups look very stylish while skating on a longboard, especially when longboarding in very different styles like nail crossing steps etc. If you’re just starting out and looking to lose weight, check out this awesome list of longboards for heavier riders reviewed by AA.  Many people also use longboarding as ideal mean of transport, especially when transporting a friend becomes unavoidable. Some of them can also use it to go on solo adventurous trips to enjoy fun and excitement a lot.

In fact the users of longboards are never too young or too old. They can start riding longboards any time as it is very easy to learn at any age. You can also do it even if you have kids by using it along with their stroller to go anywhere. Moreover you can carry your longboard with you as they are usually pretty light and easy to carry.

You can also make your longboard more interesting and very fun by decorating it by using your creative skills and ride it as per your requirement.

In this way, longboarding as a recreational sport is an ideal way to spend your free time as along with entertaining you it also helps in improving your health.

Exploring Silver Lake

Discovering new ground in your own city can be quite inspirational. That’s what happened to me when visiting Silver Lake for the first time yesterday. Following Sunset Boulevard all the way up from the Pacific Palisades is an experience in itself and worth the 50-minute drive. You directly notice when you hit the Silver Lake neighborhood. People dress differently, and good-looking restaurant or storefronts pop up interspersed with not so great looking places. Some are super-messy even. Many are old warehouse-like buildings and a couple have already been restored while others are just fenced off.

The reason of my visit was to check out the European inspired, but fully-handmade in Detroit, USA Shinola bicycles, having recently been approached to start carrying the Shinola bicycles in our Santa Monica store. I was quite impressed. Shinola bikes are built to last (like our Gazelle’s) and the details and hand craftsmanship make them quite unique in their kind. The Shinola store is beautiful and sophisticated-looking. The products are perfectly displayed by color, and the “all that I want? factor increases by the minute while there.I lucked out since Clare V.’s first flagship store is also located in Silver Lake and after having just read Clare Vivier’s success story in the LA times magazine Image last weekend, I was also able to cross that of my list. Well that said, I loved it so much that now Id like to check out their newest store that opened this week in West Hollywood.

Very pleased I was to see and feel the hustle and bustle taking place on a part of the street that was closed off for cars. What a positive impact on the livability of a neighborhood! Thankfully more cities are discovering this and experimenting with it. I just read that the huge city of Hamburg in Germany is working toward a fully car free city in the coming two years. Very exciting! Let’s put Hamburg on my must see places to visit for 2017…

For more information about silver lake. Click here.

Yepp Junior Finally Hits The North American Market

With the arrival of the Yepp Junior in the North American market, Yepp is the only line of child bicycle seats that offers a solid child bicycle seat solution for each age group.

Yepp, already known for being the only brand to offer a range of adapters that make the seats suitable for 95% of all bikes, delivers again with the solid Yepp Junior solution. The introduction was long waited for by many avid cyclists familiar with the Yepp brand and wishing for an option to take older kids on a bike.

The Yepp junior has been on the Dutch market already for several years. However GMG, the Dutch manufacturer of the Yepp brand, was reluctant to bring the Yepp Junior’s to the US market, due to the lack of sturdy rear racks available in the US market suitable to carry the additional load of a 5 to 9 year old. Therefore the Yepp Junior is packaged in combination with a heavy-duty rear rack and can only be bought as such.

The Yepp Junior set-pack includes, a sturdy rear rack with an Easyfit-window and has a maximum capacity of 75lbs. A fender is attached on both sides of the rear rack and serves as feet protector, preventing the kids feet from being caught up in the spokes. In addition foldable footrests are present to make it easy for kids to get on and of the bike and rest their feet while riding along. The Yepp junior seat can be locked to the rear rack to prevent against theft. There is one seatbelt at waist height and reflectors on the rear of the seat for extra visibility, all to enhance the safety of the child. The Yepp Junior is available in the color black and is suitable for kids ages 5 and up with a maximum weight of 75 lbs. MSRP $229.99

It’s the ease of use, the comfort and the great design that parents rave about when being exposed to one of the Yepp child bicycle seats. Online reviews reflect this sentiment fully. With Yepp being one of the safest child bicycle seats out there, you can imagine why Yepp is the child bicycle seat that is becoming so popular world-wide.

New colors are arriving for spring! We will be phasing out the pink, brown and lime and replace these with ocean, yellow and purple. Together with the existing colors orange, black, silver, white and blue we will again offer 8 colors in the Yepp line.

At the end of last year Yepp had already introduced a rear rack with the Easyfit window. This sturdy rear rack is specifically designed for the Yepp Maxi Easyfit rear child bicycle seats and fits bikes with 26” or 28” wheels, it’s capacity is 75 lbs. The weight capacity of the Yepp Mazi Easyfit is 48 lbs. The rear racks are available in the colors black or silver, MSRP $89.99. The Easyfit window is the rectangular space needed to slight in and tighten the Yepp Maxi Easyfit seat. Slowly more and more American bicycle manufacturers like for example Xtracycle are seeing the benefit and need to equip their bikes with sturdy rear racks and facilitate the Easyfit window functionality. So it becomes easier for families to get out and about on their bikes with their kids. Most Dutch bike brands have the integrated rear racks installed on all their models, hence the name Easyfit.

All Yepp products are available from our webstore or through our North American dealer network. The seatfinder on our website might be helpful in finding the right seat for your child and your bike.

For more information about Yepp Brand. Click here.