AIKA is leading the way in urban and family biking - bringing you the Dutch way of getting around on your bike with only the best brands out there: royal dutch gazelle, brompton folding bikes, pashley, vanmoof, urban arrow, brooks, shinola bicycles, yepp child bicycle seats, sahn helmets, wishbone balance bikes and more.

At AIKA you can find the 9 best urban and family bikes & accessories brands from Europe, the Netherlands and also some locally made brands. Offering a wide in store selection of each brand, making a trip to their Santa Monica's flagshipstore worthwhile.

We are AIKA for urban cycling and our superhero is AIKA.
AIKA knows how you can enjoy life while staying on top of everything else. AIKA is the best version of ourselves. AIKA values the environment, is respectful of others, loves both nature and city life. AIKA is entrepreneurial in the sense that she/he loves to travel and explore new things. AIKA believes beauty is in the detail. Hence AIKA has a strong personal style and knows how to combine functionality with design. AIKA is all about going local: to bring the kids to school, go to work, do groceries or meet friends. AIKA bikes it. For small distances AIKA gets around on a bike. Not any bike, an urban bike, a bike that allows AIKA to wear what she/he likes, sit upright and enjoy the scenery, take a deep breath and be mindful while getting things done and enjoying life