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How To Start

How To Start Riding Your Bike More in 8 Simple Steps.

Seeing more and more people riding their bikes around, might trigger your interest to get on a bike yourself, but where do you start:

1. Tune up your bike, dust it off and make sure there is enough air in the tires.
2. Make a list of places you go to each week that you can get to by bike as well; distance and terrain wise.
3. Start by picking the one that appeals to you most.
4. Think of the best route to get there in regards to safety, avoiding hills if possible and the ability to use bike paths.
5. Just go!
6. Think about out how the bike ride makes you feel? Was it easier then you thought? More convenient then you thought?
7. If it made you feel good, plan your next ride!
8. Turn one trip you make every week into one where you ride your bike instead. No excuses–make it a routine and take it from there.

One bike ride at a time!

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